Thanksgiving Masterclass

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Thanksgiving Masterclass
By – Nathalie Rees

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Fall is finally here and that means cozy sweaters, gorgeous foliage and of course, Thanksgiving! If you’re like my household, Thanksgiving week is full of food, friends and family, which also means it’s full of shopping, decorating, cooking, cleaning, prepping and entertaining, AKA: WORK.

 If you want to take a bit of that off your plate or your partner’s plate this Thanksgiving, here are a few tips to help and make the holiday weekend that much better.

Prepping, Chopping and Carving with House of Knives


Everybody knows that a perfect Turkey dinner doesn’t just appear. It takes some mad kitchen skills and the best way to get all that onion dicing, bread chopping, and carrot slicing done is with an amazing knife and you guessed it, House of Knives has you covered.

Not only is their selection unbelievable, but their staff is so knowledgeable they’ll teach you how to use their knives to properly dice an onion right in the store! (Think of how helpful you could be in the kitchen after that)

My ultimate knife selection for this Thanksgiving? The Kori Artisan Chef’s Knife. As a quick FYI, the Chef’s knife is the most versatile in the kitchen. It can chop, mince or slice meats, fruits and veggies. And the first tip for carving Turkey? Use a great knife.

This one is my favourite as it combines the A,B,C,D’s of cutlery (Alloy, Balance, Construction, Durability), but also has a hammered tsuchime (tsoo-chee-may) finish on the blade that both minimizes drag as you slice and helps reduce food sticking to the blade.

Quick Tip: If this is your first time buying a true Chef’s knife, maybe pick up a Kussi cut resistant glove too 😉

Kori Artisan Chef’s Knife, House of Knives, $220

It’s all about the good grub with Whole Foods Market

For special occasions this is my first stop for all things delicious. A few key things when visiting this one-stop food shop:

You can’t beat their produce section. Every single veggie and fruit looks like it belongs in a magazine.

If you are planning on doing some hardcore entertaining, you’ll need appies and snacks. This is an easy pick up at Whole Foods Market. They have a huge section of pre made food that is perfect for pre-turkey snacking.

A bit of insider info – Whole Foods Market at Park Royal has a little something extra to offer this season, they have their very own certified cheese professional. This is the cheese equivalent to a sommelier. So, if you are in need of a cheese plate, call in, note your wine and beer pairings and let them do all the work!

And finally, if you want to scrap the whole cooking to-do and just focus on friends and family? They have you covered. Order your pre-made Thanksgiving dinner. Not only can you pick any sides you want, you can also customize your meal to accommodate certain dietary restrictions or have your pick from vegan options as well. Talk about being a host with the most.

Organic Turkey Dinner for 8: $169.99

Quick Tip: For any beginners in the kitchen, head to Indigo to pick up a Thanksgiving recipe book. My favourite: The Best of Thanksgiving (Williams-Sonoma): Recipes And Inspiration For A Festive Holiday Meal from Indigo for $28.95.

BC Wines that will WOW – Poplar Grove & Tinhorn Creek – at BC Liquour Store

 Um hi, it’s a Holiday long weekend. People want to get their wine on baby. But, let’s be honest, playing host can get expensive and we all know that hosts provide the table wine and usually end up opening that extra bottle at the end of night too, so you have to be strategic in what you serve.

My favourites for this Holiday?

For the white wine lovers:

Poplar Grove 2018 Pinot Gris, BC Liquour

This lovely wine is a perfect sipper pre-dinner or for any white wine lover. It’s super easy to drink and only $19.99

A step up red: Poplar Grove 2015 Cab Franc, BC Liquour

Absolutely delicious and will delight any wine connoisseur. Pretty decent price point too at $37.99

For the table: Tinhorn Creek Pinot Noir, BC Liquour

Easy drinking, perfect with turkey and affordable at $23.99


Don’t sweat the small stuff – lululemon

 In my honest opinion, there are only a few times during the year when you don’t have to feel guilty about eating all the food and Thanksgiving weekend is one of those times.

That being said, Thanksgiving is also a nice occasion, we want to look good in front of family and friends, but wearing clothes that involve zippers and buttons is definitely not the way to go.

My trick? Lululemon all the way.

For him: The License To Train pant. These are a technical, lightweight pant that could be matched with a polo or long sleeve tee as a dressed up option for dinner, but the best part, 4 way stretch and an elastic waistband.

License to Train, lululemon men’s, $128

For her: High waisted Wonder Unders, Align Pants or new to Lululemon’s pant line up, the Ready to Rulu Pant and the fashion forward Retreat Yourself crop. These options allow for pairing with either an oversized sweater (accessorize with cute headband) or an effortlessly chic white button up. Both work perfectly for dinner and your waistline 🙂

Ready to Rulu Pant, lululemon women’s, $118

Retreat Yourself Crop, lululemon women’s, $128

Give the guys what they want – The Brick

 Thanksgiving is all about friends and family, but it also falls during an interesting time of year. Early October is known as a magical season for sports fanatics because every sport is in full swing – College Football, NFL, CFL, NHL, MLB and the NBA is just getting into pre-season.

As you can imagine, games are going take a leading role on Thanksgiving weekend and what better way to step up on the entertainment, than with a brand new TV from The Brick.

And trust me, you’ve never seen a TV like this before. The Frame from Samsung is a revolutionary hybrid between artwork and television. For starters, it works as a 4K smart TV, capable of displaying the most graphically advanced screen formats. But when not in use as a television it uses those ultra high-definition capabilities to display a range of artwork available through the Samsung Art Store. The room ambient light sensor adjusts the display so the picture looks lifelike and not just a glowing, bright screen.

BONUS: Since The Frame mounts flush to the wall, you can enjoy a new modern art look every month, or else fill the screen with your favourite family photos.

If you are looking for something a bit bigger or any new electronics to “up” your sports watching game this Fall, head to The Brick. They’re your one-stop shop for everything you need to build yourself a game-day haven – comfy couches, home theatres and soundbars,  recliners and of course a coffee table big enough to fit all the snacks – they’ve got it all.

Samsung The Frame, The Brick, $1,899


Have a Happy Thanksgiving!



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