Movie Matinee with the Kids

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Movie Matinee with the Kids – by Gretchen Martin

Some of my most nostalgic memories from childhood are trips to the movie theatre. Popcorn and candy and a huge screen with an exciting story to unfold – what’s not to like?


Well, let me tell you what; movie theatres have come a long way in 20 years if Cineplex Cinemas Park Royal and VIP is any indication. My 3-year-old Aspen and I had the chance to check out this new beautiful Cineplex for ourselves and this is an entirely new league from what you have come to expect from a night out at the movies. This was the full experience from the beautiful architecture of the space, the arcade (which by the way blew his mind!), and the luxurious leather reclining seats found in all 11 theatres.


Top 4 perks of enjoying a movie matinee with your little one at Cineplex Cinemas Park Royal and VIP:

  1. Free + easy parking
  2. Feels like a vacay for mom
  3. You can get real butter on your popcorn for just $1 extra
  4. Matinee show times allow you to get in + out all before nap time!

The accessibility of parking at Park Royal made the start to our outing easy breezy! It truly is luxury when you can pull up to the parking lot close to the main entrance and find ample spaces (for free!). The Cineplex Cinemas Park Royal and VIP is located in Park Royal South with a main entrance that’s easily accessible by parking on the Level 3 South parking deck, for more information on parking check here.

When we walk in the doors Aspen darted for the arcade – I’m not sure he’s ever seen anything like it! To the other side of the entrance you will find the very luxe VIP lounge which wasn’t for us that day as you must be of legal drinking age to enter, but is absolutely on the list for a visit without kids. We went to get some snacks for our show Aladdin and obviously got popcorn. But as someone who is particular about what I eat and feed to my children, I was starting to have second thoughts on the popcorn until the girl behind the counter gave me the option of helping myself to the margarine across the way for free, but that they offered real Canadian butter for $1 more, I said yes, thank you!

As we’re walking into our show I can’t help but revel in how effortless this all was; I’m out with my threenager, right?! We cozied into our reclining leather seats and enjoyed a great show that he is still talking about!

And because no toddler understands that all good things must come to an end, I lured my little guy to Whole Foods for an after movie snack and a chance to run around in the sunshine before we hit the road. He loves the area between Whole Foods and Cactus Club in The Village at Park Royal. We each had a smoothie, or “smoomie” as he adorably stills calls it (probably because I refuse to correct him) and were in the car headed home all before nap time.


Another great day spent at Park Royal and such a great experience at the Cineplex Cinemas Park Royal and VIP that we can’t wait to do again!

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