Fashionable Summer Style Tips for Him

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Fashionable Summer Style Tips for Him
By – Nathalie Rees

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Calling all men! Here’s how to add some Summer Style to your wardrobe.

You guys!!! It’s official. I’ve landed the job of resident fashion stylist for all the men in my life – my husband, my dad, my brother and oh yeah, TSN 1040 PM Drive hosts Matt Sekeres and Blake Price.

But, it’s not as glamourous as it sounds. You won’t find me at New York Fashion week or perusing the pages of GQ Style. I’m the girl that does the shopping because the men in my life don’t particularly enjoy it and to be frank, probably can’t be trusted to do it either.

My assumption is that I’m not alone in my fashion stylist role. There are probably many of you out there who do the exact same thing.

So, to help us all out, I have pulled together a summer style rundown with all my key tips and favourite products to keep him cool, comfortable and most importantly presentable for any event that pops up this season.

The Perfect Short
Shorts come in all shapes & sizes and it’s confusing to know what to choose, but as long as you abide by these rules, you should be good to go:
• Cargo Shorts only belong in the back woods/country/mountains – they have no place in a day to day wardrobe (in my humble opinion!)
• Shorts shouldn’t be too long or too short (it’s all about finding the right fit)
• Stay away from fabrics that are not tech based (tech based fabrics help you stay cool in the summer)

My go-to in this category are lululemon’s Commission Short. They come in a few different lengths, but I usually choose the 11” as all my ‘clients’ would never wear short shorts 🙂

The best part about these? They have lululemon’s ABC (anti ball crushing) technology. That’s right, these shorts are designed to give the ‘boys’ some room! They also come in 6 different colour-ways and are dressed up enough to wear on the golf course.

I made sure Matt Sekeres picked out a pair in the Tofino Sand colour to give his Summer wardrobe a lighter bottom – perfect for doing late afternoon drinks on a patio after his show!

Quick Tip: While I was in lululemon’s Men’s store, I noticed all of the amazing tech they are now doing for everything from collared shirts to full-on work button ups. Definitely something to check out for summer!

Commission Short, lululemon men’s, $88

Corporate Golf Attire
It’s pretty much a given that a man will end up golfing due to a work obligation at least once this Summer and it’s important that they look good when they do. After all, isn’t the best business done on the golf course!?

First things first, we can all agree that under no circumstance are any promotional clothing or accessories allowed. Right? There is nothing worse than seeing a guy on the golf course wearing the cheap shirt, hat & sunglasses he was given at last year’s tournament!

Also, big, bold and loud is not the way to go. You need to be able to see the flag, but it does not need to see you on the tee box :).

Instead, I make sure to keep it simple with classic combos of white with black, grey or navy. The best place for the most selection is Sport Chek. They carry all the major golf brands, so you really can’t go wrong!

A few of my favourites:

Nike Dry Fit Vapor Stripe Golf Polo, Sport Chek, $80


Adidas Ultimate Rugby Stripe Polo, Sport Chek, $65

Keep it Trendy with 2019’s IT Shirt
I know, I know, trends are not usually on the radar when shopping for men, but one of this year’s hottest styles is one that can actually be quite easily mixed into his fashion fold.

This year’s must have item is the camp collared print shirt. More commonly referred to as bowling shirts or Hawaiian shirts. These are great for pairing with jeans or even the lululemon shorts mentioned above and give the outfit a little extra flare (except on the golf course, see previous section!).

If you go big and bold with your print, the key would be to let the shirt be the star of the outfit – so no printed shorts or shoes.

Comfort Tip: Men who tend to get a little sweaty during hot Summer months should opt for a tech undershirt to wear underneath. It will be more comfortable and allows one to wear the shirt done up or unbuttoned!

The best place to get camp shirts this Summer? Tommy Bahama! Not only do they have a ton of super fun prints, but they also have ones made out of stretch cotton for extreme additional comfort!

Lido Beach Stretch Cotton Camp Shirt, Tommy Bahama, $70


Sea To Sky Stripe Stretch Linen Camp Shirt, Tommy Bahama, $185

Eyewear Updated

It’s time to switch it up in the eyewear department this Summer. Ray Bans? Everybody’s got them. Oakley’s? Maybe for playing sports, but not for a stylish afternoon on a patio.

Enter brand Bailey Nelson (new to Park Royal). This company puts eyewear into a whole new category. All of the frames are designed in Sydney, Australia, and sourced with the highest quality materials from Italy, Germany, and Japan.

Their hand-crafted eyewear selection is available with prescription lenses starting from only $145, with extras like polarization, anti-glare and scratch resistant coatings all included at no additional cost. Plus, in addition to the product offering, Bailey Nelson offers on-site services in all of its stores, such as professional eye exams and eye-health checkups conducted by their team of friendly and professional optometrists – Major Win!

Shop Tip: With all the selection in store and the totally reasonable price point, I made sure Matt and Blake picked out frames that were a little out of their comfort zone. Matt picked out the Lincoln and Blake picked out the Nelson!

Lincoln, Bailey Nelson, $145


Nelson, Bailey Nelson, $145

Wedding Ready
Summer season equals the unavoidable wedding season. In the hot heat it’s always a struggle to find men’s wear that is appropriate, but also won’t make a man collapse of heat stroke!

My go to is the suit department at Simons. They are so knowledgeable, can make suit adjustments on site and have a lots of lightweight fabrics to pick from. If your wedding is not black tie, consider investing in some linen slacks and a lightweight crisp white shirt, rather than a traditional full suit.

Le 31 Irregular Stripe Linen Pant, Simons, $60


Le 31 French Cuff Executive Shirt, Simons, $99

More Style Tips for Him:

The Graphic Tee for Grown-Ups
Unfortunately, graphic tees have the tendency to make guys look like they belong back in college. Anything with a cartoon character, pun or pop reference should be discarded immediately or given to a younger friend or relative who is actually headed to University!

Try something like this instead:

Drop Should Graphic Tee, American Eagle, $29.95

Where Flip Flops Belong
Flip flops should only be worn at home, to the pool or to the beach. Apparently, there is a study that shows that nothing turns a woman off more than open toed shoes on a man. For a hot summer day, I recommend something with more coverage but still keeps the feet just as cool when walking around in public.

Native Shoes, Intercept, $70

Alternatively if you are looking for something that mixes well with shorts + BBQ party season, try a pair of slip-on shoes. This is a great way to go with a comfortable option that will be appropriate for a casual work event or  backyard BBQ with family and friends. Browns Shoes has a lot of options in this department and my favourite are the Lacoste Jouer Slip On. Just slip them on and go!

Lacoste Jouer Slip On, Browns Shoes, $115

Happy summer shopping!



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